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09 Mar

Disney Destiny

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Disneyland Paris is a magical place, where the heroes and Disney heroins happen of stories of you foretell to be beings of meat and bone. First that we must know it is that the park is divided in five magical earth, where the diversion never finishes: Main Street, the USA; Frontierland; Adventureland; Discoveryland and Fantasyland. Places where the dreams and the stories of you foretell make reality. Here, we were with different attractions, eg: Pirates of the Caribbean or airborne magnetic detection Hatters Tea Cups. Or, Its to small world – where you sin more will be able to cross the world, singing the famous melody; Space Mountain: Mission 2, a trip by the space for most adventurous.

Big Thunder Mountain – we return to the wild west of the Missisipi river, that yes, is necessary to have well-taken care of with coyotes and the serpents of bell. Buzz Light Year Law Blast, for the lovers of the adventures in the space. On the other hand, there are attractions that are ideal for you sin more of cas, to since are devised for the minors of five years, eg: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Penil, Star Tours, Crushs Coaster or RCRacer. And, attractions for all the family, eg: Them Mysteres du Nautilus; The Taniere du Dragoon, Phantum Manor or Discovery Arcade. That is, Disneyland Paris is a place for great and small, one of the known tourist destinies more, for all the tastes and a place where we will return to the childhood. A destiny for vacations with Disney children, very recommendable to travel, without a doubt.

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