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26 Oct

Directors Plan

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The questions that need to be answered are: does of how is your company competitive in comparison with the leaders in your industry? What are the weaknesses of management? How can you improve? How can you increase sales, better serve the customer, improve the efficiency of manufacturing, increase gross margin? Do you have the resources to perform improvements written above? If not how are you going to get the resources? Do you need a bank loan or a line of credit? 4.-Looking a bank loan?. This plan is used to inspire confidence in your Bank and convince him / her that your business is a good credit risk. It is written in a very logical manner, with an emphasis on financial projects and presentation of historical results. The bankers who made bad loans are fired, so you like to err on the side of caution. A banker seeks security and a demonstration that the company can generate enough cash flow to pay the the principal and interests. The bankers are not looking for a huge return on your money.

They don’t want to participate in the management of your company or sit on the Board of Directors. Your business plan needs answers to these questions: the cash flow of the company is stable enough to make the payments on the loan? Are long-term business prospects favorable? Does the company have a pretty good track record? 5.-Who needs a partner / investor. Sela Ward addresses the importance of the matter here. The plan for this purpose must demonstrate a potential for considerable growth for the company. The banker was limited to recover your money, for example, 10% interest. The investor may want a return of 30% to 50% or more. This plan must be written in an interesting way to keep the attention of the inverter. Your business plan is competing with all the other plans presented to the investor. Make sure you answer the following questions: can the company grow rapidly? They are the margins attractions? You’ve had success in other businesses of companies? Is this a market that is emerging, with a large and bright future? To which part of the company are willing to resign, both equity and management control? 6 – Want to sell your business for this case must prove to a potential buyer that is worth paying a premium for your company.

Sometimes this can be called a presentation of marketing, offering memorandum, or valuation. It is not strictly a valuation, since you are trying to establish the selling price of the company, not to determine a value. Generally speaking, an assessment is completed with a third objective. It is likely that you ask: is there a potential untapped business that could take advantage of a new owner? If the new owner injected more capital, could the business faster grow? There are new markets where you could enter? Do they could reduce costs and therefore increase the? benefits? Every business should have a business plan. It is the road map for success. But a well thought out business plan is essential if your company is looking for financing.

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