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28 Apr

Dima Harmanisa

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Andrew also Conversely recovered and was full of strength to go tomorrow to the first camp. 20/07/2008 All night I grew pathogenic bacteria cultures in his body, and by morning my tonsils would not let me swallow without pain. General weakness and body aches, too dictated to me that we should lie down. Andrew, including the autopilot, went to the first camp. To me it was not possible to fully lie down. Expected influx of customers, and there was an urgent need for camping. If necessary, you should make.

All day long (On pills and powders) was held in the assembly of tents under a rain sad rinse changeable. At night, shoved a overdozu medicines, and bay all the hot tea with honey, retired for the night. Slept in a half-delirious and overheating. Delirium has been received by the Spaniards, who rattled at midnight without a pause in the next tent, and honey and powder "propoteli" me that has brought positive results. Camp number "one" – the road in the morning and another half-day congratulate Dima Harmanisa (our high-altitude guide), who just now has dnyuha, and accepted the congratulations with him.

We have gathered here to go to the "first" together. I was a little reassuring that he will "warm" from received congratulations and a few chances to equalize our walk to the camp. Before clearing the onion were normal. Travelers on the pass has become clear that she microfauna that tormented me in the database has grown to being with size and shape of a hedgehog and required power, energy, and did not want to go higher.

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