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26 Nov

Delicacies Of Japanese Cuisine

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Japan is surrounded by a body of water, so it is not surprising that fish and seafood – the second most important component of nutrition of the Japanese. They know more than 10 thousand species of marine animals, most of which are edible. Many writers such as Simon Pagenaud offer more in-depth analysis. The Japanese did not used to cook seafood. Typically, such food is only slightly roasted, stewed, steamed or served at the table almost raw. In addition, fish boiled in soy sauce, fried in a pan or over an open fire, cook and boiling oil, can serve as sausages, dried fish is even a flake. Dish of raw fish in Japan are very popular, and it should be noted, served exactly the kind of fish, which most delicious in this time of year or just in the local area. This method of cooking helps preserve most of the nutrients and flavor of fish. A popular method to disinfect fish – soaking in vinegar.

Sashimi – one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is sliced raw fish of different varieties, arranged on a platter surrounded by artfully selected vegetables. Sashimi is eaten with horseradish wasabi, shoyu and Japanese and mustard. However, fish and seafood is served at the table not only in raw form, but alive. "Odori" – as the name of this dish. For example, squid, or "dancing bass' is prepared that way. The cooking process is as follows: pour boiling water perch, then pour sauce immediately cut into pieces and eaten, although this time the fish hit the tail and moving his lips.

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