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13 Feb

Decalogue Of Happiness Meditation

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The ultimate goal of existence is bliss, where all that exists is now. Whoever realizes this will see the light, which is self-consciousness through the whole. I developed a decalogue, which have become a way of living, I read one every day, and I pass it: 1 – I'm happy because I can be happy. At birth everyone is born happy, is going to grow when arises in us the misery imposed on us from outside. You may be happy because it's natural. 2 – I'm happy because it fills the soul. When you discover that you do not want to separate yourself from it anymore, because it fills in a way you never could imagine.

It is not ephemeral pleasure, happiness is a state of ecstasy of the soul. 3 – I'm happy because life is full of colors to enjoy. When you get the that appears before you the world as it really is and how they want to manipulate the speculators. Life gives us the opportunity to take all the good and discard the bad. 4 – I'm happy because the concern is useless. "If your problem has a solution, why why bother? If your problem has no solution, why worry? "Says a Chinese proverb. Is not it better to smile at the life that pass continually complaining? 5 – I'm happy because the water always flows.

Everything happens, nothing remains. The universe lives in constant change, and we are no different. When water flows with such force it's better to get carried away by the current fight it, because the current is existence itself. 6 – I am happy because we are happy by nature. Are there any living being unhappy in nature? Only when contact with the man that they have abandoned the course. We share with them that this natural, but our big difference is the decision-making: we can choose to be happy or not. What would you choose? 7 – I'm happy because I can look back and I look forward to the present. "Past? No longer: learn it. Future? Does not exist: create it from this. All that exists is the now, the rest is smoke. Living this is to live through meditation is awareness. 8 – Because there is always black and white to black to white. The universe is dual, dual existence is, you are dual. The rule of Yin and Yang always true: that is why the joy arising from moments of weakness and unhappiness there is a need to find something better. It is best to place you in the line that divides them. 9 – I am happy because I do not need anything else. When a person is attached to something and get it then inevitably want more, always want more and more, because it is inherent in man. But it is possible to be free. Attachment leads to unhappiness, so it is necessary to get rid of it to achieve happiness. 10 – I'm happy because I choose to be happy. The most important of human beings is their will, their freedom of choice. It is possible to be happy: you can take it or move on with your life fleeting pleasures, attachments unnecessary and passivity. Happiness is a way of life, more meditative, more perspective, more ecstatic. Happiness, in short, is the culmination of growth human.

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