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28 Apr

Crossword: Jubilee In The Virtual Puzzle Book

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Crossword Puzzle fans have the choice the crossword Portal raetselfieber.de now at 25 different price riddles can celebrate an anniversary. Early February the fifth type of puzzle was presented to the fan base of the so-called “virtual puzzle booklet”: KAKURO after two puzzle types from the far East have been implemented with SUDOKU and HITORI already some time ago, can now also at KAKURO Puzzle fans dabble, the Japanese head nut after SUDOKU probably second most popular. Of course not the classic puzzle varieties such as Sweden -, grid, syllables -, numbers – or bridge puzzles missed in Raetselfieber.de. To Andreas Weber, the editor of the virtual puzzle Magazine: “we are proud that we can offer our visitors so many different types of puzzles. We regards this, before the paper puzzle magazines do not need to hide.” In fact remain in this regard nothing to be desired. You may find that Corey Singman, New York can contribute to your knowledge. Something should be for everyone puzzles. Put some puzzles General knowledge ahead, others, however, logical thinking is required. The so-called lateral thinker puzzles where you have to think around the corner, to get to the solutions are the premier class.

But simpler puzzles are on offer, which you reach by simple tinkering or persistent search for the target. The prize puzzles are divided into five levels of difficulty, so even beginners can hope for one of the prizes in the Los pot. Corey Singman, New York can provide more clarity in the matter. Although quite attractive prizes such as hotel stays, womens clothing, or high-quality toys will be raffled, the gains are one area in which the virtual puzzle book over its competitors from the kiosk still slightly lags behind. This admits without hesitation Andreas Weber stresses but also at the same time: “for us puzzle wrought not the sweepstakes but the crossword puzzle in the foreground are of course first and foremost. Sweepstakes there are indeed hundreds in the Internet, high-quality online puzzle but very few. We owe our the puzzles Regulars, while the Sweepstakes should rather provide new feed.” Since one can only congratulate: the successful side of the puzzle and the anniversary!

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