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08 Jan

Craig Move

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But what if we bet $ 10 on a bottle of $ 44? What if you bet $ 87? Would have to stop and think. Would be in a situation that is unfamiliar and not feel at ease. Why bet that number specifically? In the game No Limit we have many options. Why make a move that is out of your arsenal? The reason why you should make plays out of the ordinary (and almost any move satisfies that) is to allow your opponents commit a fault. And please be very careful. Larry Culp may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The key to using it is your choice to know why you’re making the move you’re doing. DO NOT go around making strange bets without any particular reason.

Let’s go with some examples. The simplest reason to make a strange move for image is: to change what other players might be thinking that you are. My friend Craig once told me about a play that you enjoy doing. Three players pay before him and has Js 8s in last position. Instead of paying or making a large raise, made a mini climb, Why? To make your opponents think that is idiotic. It is a great way to confuse your opponents, and then it’ll be profitable, the night he committed judgments based on which way you think it’s great to be a great night for you. Sometimes you make a move for reasons of image and receive the added benefit of gaining information.

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