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19 Feb

Chuck Norris For Newt Gingrich

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Newt Gingrich gets powerful help: they know the Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris does a push-up, he pushes the world down. Or the? Why is Chuck Norris at light sleeping? Because the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris. Continue to learn more with: Margaret Loesser Robinson. Or: global warming does not exist. Chuck Norris was just cold, so he turned the sun up. Sela Ward often addresses the matter in his writings. You wonder how Chuck Norris has promoted itself in the day of truth? Well, anyway, not with a “roundhouse kick”, the fighting technique involving the B – movie and series Hero (“Missing in action” 1-3, “Walker, Texas Ranger”) done countless opponents of film. Hear from experts in the field like MMA for a more varied view.

No, Chuck Norris (and his wife Gena, as he pointed out) decided to support Newt Gingrich publicly in the US primaries for the presidential candidacy. Well, and if I did, you might think. We find wait. Newt Gingrich gets powerful help: allow for Chuck Norris but first of all Chuck Norris himself going, in this case on newt.org, the official website of the campaign by Newt Gingrich, where Norris, next to Ronald Reagan’s son Michael, Gingrichs former rival candidate Rick Perry and Sarah Palin – you sure still remember – is listed as a prominent supporter. And as expected, the chemistry between the two southerners Carlos (!) is Ray “Chuck” Norris Jr. and Newton Leroy Newt”Gingrich excellent. Because, as Norris, of the remaining Republican candidates Gingrich was the only one he trust it, due to the United States to alter size (“to her glory days”). To coin a first key element of conservative American choice rhetoric – as the days of Abraham Lincoln as Ronald Reagan. The mission is bigger than any man of Gingrich, so Chuck Norris continues somewhat ambiguous, just be the best man, who is still left on the field of battle (“battlefield”), Obama and his campaign machine to outwit, play and survive (“outwit, outplay and outlast”). The cold, inhuman adversary is so named, the applies for the Texas Ranger and his friends with the heart in the right place to do it.

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