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25 Feb

CHF Cooking

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More than just barbecues and survival – the guide presents a wide variety of systems and possibilities of outdoor cooking, without being restricted to camp fire. It covers all important aspects: the appropriate fuel and possibilities of fire-making about water treatment up to handling different pots and pans and equipment and the question of for what situations these each are suitable. Attention places Alexander Gluck on equipment that you easily can prepare culinary demanding dishes outdoors (Potije, Dutch oven, cast iron pan, etc.). Also specialities while not neglected, such as travel-ready compact grills or smart sandwich iron. All outdoor enthusiasts can discover their individual kind of outdoor cooking.

“A book for all those who do not want to deal through with a survival kitchen and the consumption of baby animals, but for nature lovers who like to spend even time outdoors in accordance with”, it says in a Customer rating. “The family-friendly author gives a comprehensive and structured presented overview of all topics food customer, equipment and material science, fireplaces, water quality, lighting and extreme situations. The experience and conscientiousness of the author shows in particular that the important aspects of the safety and accident prevention are sufficient consideration. A detailed reference source list gives the reader the possibility to assemble his equipment quality good and according to his needs without any problems. As crowning highlight the Advisor for disaster preparedness is to see its checklists to ensure vital elements a very laudable contribution to civil protection. “In summary: a great guide for outdoor lovers, gourmet and vagabond.” And another reader says: “it’s unbelievable, what academic meticulousness is the author the topic has dedicated.” The author succeeded, the wealth of information so to prepare and to spice up that reading never boredom.

I find favour also the successful structuring of the individual issues and the attention to detail, without becoming a sprawling. Who compose his perfect, individual equipment for cooking in the outdoors and wants to be sure that the correct accessory inside the backpack, the important information and strategies in mind, this book is highly recommended.

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