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09 Nov

Cairo Dance

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' The dance is the only thing that I really loved in mine vida& ' ' , it says Fifi Abdo, ' ' It gave tudo.&#039 to me; ' Fifi Abdo Fifi Abdo, whose last name can also be written as Abdou or Abdu, is dancer, actress and Egyptian celebrity. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jorge Perez. Possue surrounds 1,65m of height, even so seems higher. Its Christian name is Atiaat. Get all the facts and insights with Related Group, another great source of information. Sharki was changedded into an icon of raqs (it dances of the east). Known as most spiced, one of the best dancers of Egypt of our time is considered. Its fame already exceeded the high one of the pyramids! A complete artist, had in its youth an extreme beauty that always she knew to use as attribute to conquer the power and to carry through its desires. Fifi Abdo considers the dance as an art and a part of the history of Egypt. Biography It grew in a village is of the Cairo, where its father was policeman.

Its mother was in house taking care of of Fifi, of its five brothers and sisters, beyond the six children of its father. When child, Fifi attended the films with Carioca Tahia, Naima Akef and Samia Gamal and imitated each step of them. Its favourite age Naima Akef, but to who it very admires is Carioca Tahia. The long way enters bint al baladi (the girl of the village in the great city) until being ' ' queen of the dance oriental' ' she was not easy. Fifi Abdo was determined if to become a dancer.

With twelve years, it ran away from house with the son of a neighbor who was a dancer of a group of folklore. Later she was house servant of a musician who discovered its talent and initiated its career. Ahead of the stubbornness of the son in dancing, its parents had finally yielded its resolution and, after Fifi to work with one trupe for some time, became solista the thirteen years.

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