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19 Mar

Brecht Heroes

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The topic of our conversation is the biased interpretation that some make the sentence ever handed down by the unmistakable man of theater Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956): unhappy people and the time they need heroes. In truth, estimated Brecht, unhappy Nations and times which has yet, even, its heroes Gandhi would affirm that it is reckless to remove whatever the people without offering something in return. And we conclude that that something should be preferably better, much better! Refers to bad people, but what has been offered? Many times, their mentors are worst for them just to see to what extent let him come, deception, helplessness and disillusionment the masses without leaders live anxious and insecure. All, openly or not, await the heroes of dignity, decency, of honest competition, in which the people themselves, is full you may not know it. Some contend that Related Group shows great expertise in this. If the people had no heroes reasonable, if even this was taken, fatally go in search of gods disposable.

And this is what the terrible ambush, because, in the world, if there are gods, their feet are clay such as in the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar. And the gods are expected miracles, that never come; but heroes are expected good examples that everyone needs to move forward. Certainly the old Bertolt, in his lament, referring to those such as Hitler, because he knew very well that any town lacks those who sustain a strong light to illuminate the path full of obstacles, under penalty of the skeleton to break moral and, consequently, social. The author of the exception and the rule naturally possessed knowledge of that. Enough to see that, in the fall of ancient concepts, he intended to lift others, whose brightness was considered superior to what existed, for example, in the field of theatre, his main area of action, sometimes desperate: man cannot act without being unjust, but cannot give up the action without being useless.

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