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19 Mar

Bermuda Triangle

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Many speculations were made with respect to the Bermuda triangle, especially about the disappearances of boats, airplanes and even he says people, all speculation, but also a great challenge for scientists who were committed to give objective answers about this reality. It gives us neoteo.com/resuelto-el-misterio-del-triangulo-de-las-bermudas.neo, the Bermuda triangle is part of the culture of Western society for many years, because in that region have been strange disappearances that never have been able to be explained scientifically. Whole boats have volatilized without leaving a trace, both for passengers and warplanes. Same thing with the aircraft, whose communications are cut so abrupt and never again becomes knowing nothing of them. Commercial aircraft such as fighter, without distinction have equally fallen.This casuistry without explaining has elevated this area to the category of legend, which have leveraged many to speak of extraterrestrial, temporal anomalies or spectral forces who claim are those that have caused all these disappearances as reminds us abc.es/20100810/medios-redes/misterio-triangulo-bermudas-201008091854.html, the Bermuda triangle, in a geographic area of more than one million square kilometres situated between Puerto Rico, Fort Lauderdale (Florida), and Bermuda. This area became fashionable in the middle of the last century as a result of the disappearance of several boats.

Some writers and journalists rushed to mark these events as mysterious, giving rise to the myth. It was in 1974 when the writer Charles Berlitz, in a play riddled with inaccuracies, became the mysterious triangle legend known throughout the world; a bonanza that would fill theaters for more than one decade with titles like the evil triangle of Bermuda (The Bermuda Triangle, 1978). Far from fading away, the mystery continues to enthrall the public 30 years later; the New Zealand web CineStuff claimed a few months ago that the next installment of Indiana Jones would have as scenario these unknown waters of the Atlantic. However, two Australian scientists claim to have definitively solved the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, which by the way, was not unique in the world.

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