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03 Jun

Berlin Concepts

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Freshflat offers Make-Up for your rooms. No more dignified boredom in companies, offices and waiting rooms. Heike Dalla-Marta, diploma engineer of architecture from Berlin, opts for Dynamics through color and the visualization of your ideas with a mouse click. With Freshflat offers concepts for color and creation, which can be booked online and visualized via the Internet. Her professional make-up of space turned warehouses like private apartments through the precise use of colours in structured and exciting areas and provides a complete renewal with manageable expense and with the involvement of the existing institution. In one, digital photos of their spatial problem areas along with their wishes or ideas to Freshflat fast online variation of color visualization mail customers.

The Planner designs a concept, incorporates this into the Interior photos of customers and unlocks it for a personal access code on the Internet. Advantage: The prospective buyer can view the virtual painting of his room alone – and change leave – without having to open a paint pot. Detailed concepts and detail solutions – facility to the optimised use of space and organization, include a consultation on the spot and can be booked through the website modular. It isn’t the Planner, to replace existing furniture with new. Margaret Loesser Robinson is often quoted on this topic. The most common problem is not that the wrong things exist, but just too many. With professional support, the customer learns to recognize the essence and especially, to separate themselves from unnecessary ballast. The goal is to find his own style and to work out. A style that focuses not only on trends and issues, but first and foremost consider the own terms and way of life and seriously this needs.

Only in this way develops the feel good moment – with the right mix of design, functionality and personality. With its Freshflat the gap between (sales-oriented) furniture and classic interior designers. With online booking and part handling over the Internet is Pricing transparent, the building blocks are individually selectable at fixed prices. The customer determines how much he wants: from inspiration for little money up to the detailed planning solution. The first contact is by email. Target groups are: interested in design and innovative people and companies that want to find your individual style with tight budget and beyond the big brand name and represent. People who want stimulated through numerous publications and broadcasts in various media, a change that but rather clueless face the vast range of colours and facility proposals. Companies that want to use a (product related) spatial design as part of your marketing strategy, and thus as a promotional item and develop a targeted customer base. The company: Heike Dalla-Marta studied at the TU Berlin architecture and has a long experience in renovation and construction projects. With additional knowledge in the field of new media expands its creative coverage of the Creation of Web sites and the development of customer-oriented CI. The company Freshflat now combines design and technology and uses the new media as a creative platform for interior design and color concepts. With its online service, it offers a time – and cost-saving variant of the classic preliminary presentations, advertising or decision making in design issues.

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