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23 Jan


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In accordance with Marazziti (2003), the jealousy is defined as apercepo of the individual front threat or loss of values in relacionamentopara a real or imaginary rival, as baseless thoughts of falsafidelidade. As Ballone (2004) in what the linhadivisria between imagination, fancy, belief and certainty says respect to the jealousy, if tornavaga and frequently inexact. In the jealousy the doubts can be changedded into idiassupervalorizadas or frankly delirious. Jorge Perez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The jealousy would be a set deemoes unchained for feelings of some threat to the stability ouqualidade of a valued close relationship. The somuitas definitions of jealousy, having three elements in common: To be a reaction front to a perceived threat; To have a real rival or imaginary e; The reaction aims at to eliminate the risks of the loss of the loved object. According to Guimares (2004), the jealousy nothing more is of what adificuldade that a person has with regard to its security in keeping the affection, ointeresse of somebody with who if it keeps an affective relationship, that can seramoroso or not. By the same author: actress. ' ' jealousy has a special characteristic that it involves aauto-esteem that the person has and the judgment that it makes of the envolvement dooutro' '.

Exactly having a proven specific cause for the jealousy, muitosespecialistas affirm that the feeling would be related with one rebaixamentoda auto-esteem, to some problems of infancy and the psychological deficiencies. As well as Marani (2001) it says in them, the jealousy is not a simple nicaemoo, but multiple combinations of some emotions that can appear joint or grouped and that they are the envy, followed of anger, hatred, penalty, autocomiserao, revenge, sadness, mortificao, guilt, vanity, inferiority, pride, fear, and anxiety. All human being suffers from jealousy, either moderate or pathological it (grifo ours) or is white ouinstrumento of the jealousy of other human beings and as its universal manifestation, the authors agree to accepting that he is normal in the evolution of the serhumano.

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