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04 Feb

Angelika Martin – Wings Of Glass

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Angelika Martin brings the heat in the pop hit take the heat in the pop hit with their first single CD CRYING heaven “already read the singer born in Gorlitz, prick up their ears.” Beats the heart of soulful balance women clearly for the music and that is, what characterizes ANGELIKA MARTIN in all their songs. Click Brenda Barrett to learn more. WINGS of glass “is the first CD of the single from her forthcoming album of DANCEABLE” is published. The reminiscent melancholy song is embedded in modern rhythms and current pop sounds. “Wings of glass” despite of all vitality by a certain profundity stands out, yet emphasized due to the warm and very sensual interpretation of ANGELIKA MARTIN. The title is a dogma for humanity. ANGELIKA MARTIN describes here the unconditional love no matter in what condition and situation is.

“” Wings of glass “the message is: there is always someone there for you which takes you and catches”. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sally Rooney. The song encourages to get back up and new ways to embark on. With her partner and producer Joan Ivonne bake (Anna Joan / hit garage), writes and produces their songs themselves. Emotional songs characterized by honest feelings of love and Alvaer. ANGELIKA MARTIN’s songs are always autobiographical. I’m not an actress, I am as I am. My songs are the mirror of my soul. “The singer, now on the left Rhine grabs her heart on the platter and brings the heat in the pop hit.

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