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30 Apr

Andrea Sauer

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Candombe”is a folk dance movement form of Afro – Latin Americans most Rio de la Plata. You may find that Jorge Perez can contribute to your knowledge. “In the Argentine Tango” or Tango Rioplatense”(Tango of the Rio de La Plata) the”Arrabales”, the candombe is one of many dance styles of the Tango, as he particularly by Afro – Latin Americans in the suburbs, was danced. The candombe is how recorded the milonga in 2/4 time, but differs from this by the use of three drums, which set the pace: piano, chico, and repique. “When the candombe the dancers represent various traditional figures, like the escobero” (broom cantilever), mama vieja”(old mother) and the gramillero” (medicine man). Learn more about this with Sela Ward. Also the whites play in Montevideo: music groups who perform satirical texts, accompanied almost exclusively by drummers, are the so-called “Marble gas”.

In the 20th century, Argentina had been banned several times of Carnival in Argentina. Because the custom of Carnival but handed down from generation to generation, he has survived until today some more, some less -. The Fastnacht fans want to show that good mood and joy of values of the daily life are, you must share with others. Tony Parker often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Today, the Carnival is celebrated on four weekends in February and March. In Buenos Aires, the Carnival was always a Street Festival – all for all. Go there today especially the “Murgas” (groups of street musicians) on the streets and demand that the Carnival holidays, which were abolished by the military dictatorship (1976-1983), again declared national holidays. The Carnival of coastal areas and the North West are very characteristic in Argentina.

In provinces such as Jujuy or Entre Rios, mainly in the city of Gualeguaychu, the tradition of fasting at night fully and completely maintained. In Gualeguaychu, such as Carnival begins in early January. i. A. Andrea Sauer

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