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03 Nov

All-rounder 2-layer Parquet

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Whether for new construction or renovation, whether in the classical or modern design, ecological and particularly long-lasting: 2-layer parquet made of wood or bamboo is very versatile. (tdx) The effect of an area is decisive depending on the design of the floor. A classy, stylish and natural atmosphere is created through the use of parquet. Especially with the rectilinear architecture today, parquet creates an optimal contrast. In his lifetime, a parquet floor is a very inexpensive way to enhance the apartment. For all applications and purposes, the so-called 2-layer parquet has now become”especially proven, on the Parketthaus of Durafloor Werner specializes.

The Werner floors 2-layer parquet is for new construction and renovation the clever variation among the species of the parquet. If you’re planning a renovation, needed a material with low installation height, so that later the doors need to be shortened. 2-layer parquet is also ideal for the due to its low height Suitable on hot foot Ode heating because it puts forward no major resistance of heat at the piercing. This 2-layer parquet is extremely dimensionally stable, because himself through the rectangular arrangement of the DBD to the surface the swelling and shrinkage behaviour of the parquet floor greatly reduced. The familiar from laminate flooring, unpleasantly loud, hollow-sounding Cadence noise not there in 2-layer parquet. 2 layer – also parquet floors depending on the wear layer a service life of 50 to 70 years. 2-layer parquet is offered in all commonly used wood types and also made of bamboo.

Durafloor Werner used the ecologically most unbedenklichsten raw material with the use of bamboo in the parquet production. Bamboo grows very fast, up to 30 cm per day. With the growth, which, therefore, high production of biomass and the balanced CO 2 – is balance sheet fast bamboo a very sustainable raw material. With its noble appearance, coupled with high hardness, is Bamboo flooring in the living area as well as in the object area with high stress very popular. As new development Durafloor Werner has recorded the beach bamboo parquet in the program, which is particularly resistant. The probably the hardest wood flooring on the market is significantly stronger than the widespread oak flooring due to its production. Beach bamboo used very much in addition to object in the living room, because it gives the room a very homely atmosphere with its warm colour and his interesting drawing. The company of Durafloor Werner has in their quest to even closer to nature to produce parquet, the SL-line on the market. This parquet accesses the natural growth of the wood combined with widths of 90 mm by the varying lengths. Due to the varying lengths of the parquet rods and the combination of impressive long staff members with shorter rods, the individuality of wood is authentically reflected in the laying patterns. The SL line is in the trend of wood smoked oak, Wenge, Jatoba, Merbau, Doussie, Zebrano, ash, American walnut, and American cherry produces. Due to the partly brushed or matt lacquered surfaces, Durafloor Werner combines the trend to oiled floors with their stresses natural charisma with the advantages of the resistance, the reduced maintenance and lower light sensitivity of varnished parquet floors. Tanja EST

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