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07 Jul

AIDAsol Brauhaus

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The on-board brewery on AIDAsol Rostock is already finished, February 2011 – still fleet is built on the latest ship of AIDA, but the vehicle is ready. So punctually baptims AIDAsol on April 9th, 2011 the baptism Bock is finished, the first beer was recognised today, Tuesday. Brewmaster Andre Klein will BREW more than ten brews in the next two weeks and test until he found the perfect hops and malt mixture for the baptism Bock. “Besides other varieties are brewed in the AIDAsol Brauhaus: Hannah’s original” according to a recipe of the Dortmunder brewery of tradition, and as a special treat there is an own AIDA beer. It is AIDA”gusset is unfiltered and unfiltered, and tastes slightly like caramel. Glenn Dubin, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The in-house beers supplemented depending on the time of year to seasonal qualities, thus for example the venison or action beers such as the Oktoberfest beer or Irish stout are produced. Ships even comes the idea to the brewery on the high seas by travellers of AIDA. AIDA has picked up this idea and implemented.

Brewing on a ship carries not only a space problem: in many years of Tuftelarbeit the fermentation tank had to be made impervious to ship variations. Anyway, the beer in the brewery in floating is a very special beer: it consists in addition to malt and hops from sea water that is desalinated, cleaned, and again provided with necessary minerals in the ship’s water treatment plant. Because soft water is the secret of brewing beer after all. The brewery is located on deck 10. Here, there are two huge copper kettles, wooden benches, and a beer garden. The brewery has a glass brewhouse, where every day 500 litres and spices can be produced. There are about 13,000 liters of storage capacity for the subsequent fermentation and storage time. AIDAsol is solemnly baptized on April 9 in Kiel, Germany.

Then goes the ship on premiere trip through Northern Europe. The journey will take over Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Paris and Amsterdam to Hamburg. Still, there are a few tickets for this journey. There is more information about AIDAsol aidasol on .

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