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01 Apr

ADHD Diagnosis

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Only one in three children diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) actually have the disorder ADHD work: a disorder of fashion, winning by psychiatry. com (the most prestigious web psychiatry in Spain) on August 2. 006 sostienea that this disorder is overdiagnosed in most cases. This is a study of children attending the children's mental health center in Molina de Segura in Murcia during the months of July to September 2005 with a diagnosis of ADHD. Results of the study a: a s nly one in three children suspected was finally diagnosed with hyperactivity.

The psychologists, who seem to be more easily made this diagnosis, matched only 33% of patients. Neurology Services most frequently coincide with CSM a psychiatrists (60% of cases). In the remaining patients, clinical psychiatrists found other than ADHD, from some much more severe (childhood psychosis, mental retardation) to the much more benevolent learning disorders. Study Conclusion: There is a clinical overdiagnosis of ADHD. In most cases it misses a detailed clinical history and differential diagnosis with other clinical entities. Complication: a mistaken diagnosis can result in unnecessary drug treatment (of what might appear that the study's authors believe that all children are properly diagnosed with ADHD need to be medicated with amphetamines, euphemistically called stimulants). A strikingly common diagnosis we study results seem significant. The wide distribution of this disorder by mass media (which we do not think outside the laboratories producing drugs indicated for this diagnosis) has come to the teachers, Counselling and Guidance Teams (called counselors) and parents , all of which are sensitive to children's difficulties, especially when they manifest themselves in school effectiveness quantitatively considered.

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