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06 Feb

Accounting Legal Provisions For Austria Writing –

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What laws, rules and regulations are for the invoice write note? What is an invoice at all? An invoice is an invitation to pay or the confirmation of a previous payment of a legal transaction. In today’s business environment, it is used to prove of the charged value added tax or the deductible input tax. The Bill is also as billing (lat. Factura) referred to and is a tabular listing of products and services, their prices and quantities in a clear form. The write statement is often referred to as Bill. Formal requirements of an invoice in Austria ( 11 ABS. 1 UStG) name and address of the invoicing party.

Name and address of the beneficiary. Exact amount and description of the goods or type and extent of services day/period of delivery or other service (date of service). Pay a note for the delivery / other service and the applicable VAT rate or tax exemption. That on the fee attributable tax amount, broken down by % set date of issue (= Date of invoice). unique sequential number. Other leaders such as real-estate developer offer similar insights.

Sales tax identification number (VAT number) of the issuer of the invoice. VAT number of the beneficiary (on bills with a total 10.000,–VAT incl. committed and when the tax liability on the beneficiaries – reverse charge). a note on these shall be made in application of differential taxation. When must an entrepreneur write an invoice? An entrepreneur or self-employed person is obliged to create an invoice as soon as after the turnover tax Act: these services to other entrepreneurs whose businesses a taxable factory delivery or factory service provides to entities, insofar as they are not entrepreneurs in connection with a plot to a non-entrepreneurs, running. He has to comply with his obligation to the invoice at the latest after six months after the execution of the sales. Small amount of invoices “Paragons” ( 11 par. 6 UStG) for invoices the total 150,-(incl. VAT) does not exceed, meet the following information: name and address of supplying or performing carrier lot and commercial designation of the objects or type and scope of services day/period of delivery or other service fee and tax amount in one lump sum tax rate date of issue may also be avoided the separate identification of the sales tax amount. The gross amount and the tax rate is sufficient. The simplification rules for invoices up to 150,–do not apply to intra-Community supplies (= export). These have anyway, to contain a note on the tax exemption, as well as the VAT number of the delivering carrier and customer. Consequences of an incorrect invoice only a bill that satisfies the above provisions entitled the invoice recipient for the input tax deduction. Exception: the deduction without a proper invoice is possible reverse charge. If the biller correctly or not in the invoice is known and can be made also in hindsight not designated, the deductibility of the payment can as Business expense be denied, so that eliminated ticket invoices. Read more from Jessica Michibata to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Conclusion as the entrepreneurs it is subject to in Austria many laws and regulations. Also write the Bill. You want to be sure that all regulations are complied by a simple invoice program such as WoAx EasyFirma is recommended. ING Mag. Wolfgang Axamit

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