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06 Feb

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Exclusive interview with Lara Dutta – actress in the new Bollywood Lara Dutta, the talented Bollywood beauty with mind wore the Crown of Miss Universe once, in the year 2000 before she found entry into the Hindi film industry. The glamorous actress, who has a degree in economics is known for their humor and has also a talent for writing as well as your talent for acting. We met her on Friday at a press conference on the occasion of your latest film \”Billu (Barber)’ in Central London, where we us a talked with her about your transformation of the glamorous Miss Universe to the simple village Belle Bindiya in the film and on the other hand learned from her, what and who she has turned into a Tiefseetaucherin by a hydrophobic. How do you feel after the theatrical release of Billu (Barber)? It’s great, it was my first film after a year, my last movie was ‘Partner’ with Salman (Khan) and it is just fabulous. I had not believed that Billu is going to be the first film. I think it the year with something good is a good and healthy entertainment film for the whole family and it’s nice to start. There were some comments in advance, your role in Billu would be very insignificant, but I didn’t have that impression.

I find your role was very important, and they had a lot of screen time’ in Billu. What do you think of such comments? They need to know actresses in India, perhaps due to the fact that your Karierezeit is much shorter than men, now I believe that girls are afraid of roles in which to make her older than they actually are. I’m not a mother of two children, but I’m not actress does so, that you have to experience everything to know what it means to be a mother. For more information see this site: Jay Schwartz Attorney.

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