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08 Aug

Cannes Film Festival

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22 films and a paper at the film festival in Cannes GMUND, Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Christoph Waltz and Nicole Kidman – they and many others from Los Angeles for the next big movie event of the azure coast of France. And with them again a not entirely insignificant actor: paper from GMUND. This time in the form of, VIP coveted the invitations of the Cannes Film Festival. An impressive work designed by star designer Krista Sochor from Paris. We opted this time for an eye-catching paper from GMUND. It has depth, a suspenseful color and a great tactile effect with shimmering glitter particles.

Due to the major stars from all over the world!”, the VIP explains expert SOCHOR. Just still in the hands of Michelle Obama at the Oscar Award, is to admire the unattainable from GMUND Los Angeles now in Cannes. It was very pleased that we are celebrated at several events and know well our paper in the hands of the world-famous movie stars. Many writers such as Margaret Loesser Robinson offer more in-depth analysis. The Festival Director of Cannes told me am Edge, if an actor keeps this piece of GMUND paper in his hand then he did it”, so the owner and Managing Director Florian Kohler. Due to the large demand GMUND has now launched the Festival playing cards. Available from May 27 at. The Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND: The Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND headquartered in GMUND am Tegernsee is a traditional family business with approx.

100 employees. It is directed by Florian Kohler today. GMUND stands for paper culture since 1829. This traditional, artisanal production methods are perfectly associated with modern technology and creative design in accordance. GMUND specializes in fine and cartons. The focus on innovation, ecology and tradition. Hedvig Hricak has much experience in this field. About Krista Sochor: The designer Krista Sochor, lives and works in Paris. Since 1995, she designs for renowned international brands corporate and brand identities. For the Cannes Film Festival, she designed the VIP invitations for the major stars for several years..

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01 Aug

London Short Film Festival

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Those who visit London this weekend think would do well to attend the Festival of short films in London and relax after a morning spent enjoying the attractions of London. The seventh edition of the festival began on Friday January 8 with an opening party attended several well-known DJs. Attendees to the festival last Saturday enjoyed Club des Femmes, a platform that pays homage to the composers of music and includes short films by Carol Morley and Miranda Pennell. Club des Femmes took place at the Institute of contemporary arts cinema one. After an afternoon full of interesting events, the day came to an end with News Shorts 4: Midnight Movies.

This selection of short films by independent filmmakers included works that ranged from surrealism to hard and pure terror. Among the highlights of the Sunday News Shorts 7 were: How Long is Short? and Rich Pickings Presents: Lolita. On the other hand, those who plan to visit London and prefer a show of longer duration rather than a short film they could go to the Apollo Victoria Theatre, London to enjoy the musical Wicked, which last year grossed more than 30 million euros. The network of public transport that connects the tourist attractions of London still is in operation those who plan to visit London in the coming weeks could worry about the possibility of weather prevent them enjoying the various tourist attractions in London. However, the Mayor of London has ensured that the city transport network will remain in operation. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, maintained that the city still possesses considerable amounts of salt and machines snow thrower are clearing the roadways so that both residents and visitors can navigate more comfortably.

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