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27 Jun

Spirituality And Philosophy

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Drinking from the strange and turbulent waters of atavism casadeistico the island rises from the proto of panintroatlanteologia, total and personal search of the lost Atlantis is hidden inside the astral plane airtight every human being. Compos sui (1) neoarte newborn is vast and angular, the son of a quixotic mind centripetal itself attracts the glorious memory of a past hiperutopico and dimension. To return to the land promised no more spiritual path, then work improbus vincit omnia (2). Argumentum baculicum (3) in the way of ectlipsis, pseudoecumenicamente this neognostica of consensus omnium (4) is the pilgrimage supraplasmatica ecuable only feel the soul. Neoalquimica and bimetallic nature, the difficult process of revelation of the tree of knowledge forgotten in the metaphysical sphere of man is purified and sublimated sex weddings sulfur and sperm Saturnian philosophical mercurial, intangible entities in a quasi macarism harmonic and dissonant at the same time. Lynn Redgrave can provide more clarity in the matter. The microcosm, abstract complex universe, is isolated in the light that illuminates the heavenly heart. Alit Honor arter (5).

Monostrofe sobreterrenal and circular, the panintroatlanteologia has survived hectoplasmatico hidden in the DNA of man in all eternity (6). Famous Greek principle, gnothi seanto, (7) contained in the temple of Delphi and then Latinized, Nosce te ipsum, (7) is know yourself, key to ancient wisdom that allows access to the forgotten garden of the Hesperides ethereal and individual. Debout, les morts! (8) Dixitque Deus: Fiat lux. This lux et facta. (9) Genesis I, 3.

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22 Jun

What About All The Bad News We Are Hearing These Days ?

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The rising unemployment, massive displacement of jobs and industry and economic downturns everywhere. Are not we living in a period of economic downturn? Well, it all depends on where you are positioned. The truth is that we are experiencing a massive economic change. The trouble is that every day we are more people that we are losing our jobs, industries, and faster than ever. So: What is the good news? New and better opportunities are opening up faster than ever. People who recognize new trends and risk everything in these new industries are those that will gain enormously. Here’s what Fortune magazine said: “Forget the bi-weekly paycheck, no more days of W2 tax form, we are in the world of Formula 1099?.

The distinguished economist Pilsner Olsen, twice President Bush’s economic advisor, predicts that in the decade from 2006 to 2016 will have 10 million new millionaires in the U.S. only. This means more than double what occurred in the past decade. Anna Belknap wanted to know more. Even, Prof. Pilsner indicates that many of these new millionaires will result from the emerging industrial power of direct sales.

How does that work? Direct sales is now based on a simple fact of human nature: Each advertising executive and director of Hollywood knows that nothing sells a product or service better than word of mouth recommendation from a friend. No matter how many millions of dollars for a film company spent on advertising, the film is born or dies by the recommendation of the opening weekend box office on display. What some call oral marketing, personal power, the force behind the phenomenal success of direct sales. In fact, Tom Peters, the legendary management expert in the world, who published several best sellers, refers to direct sales as the first truly revolutionary change in 50 years since the modern marketing came to Procter & Gamble and Harvard Business School. Instead of using a separate sales team, direct sales companies reward people who use, appreciate and enthusiastically recommended the product or service. According to experts, of all the many models that exist in current marketing, this is the most efficient and effective direct sales.

Currently direct sales distributors, or representatives associated or independent business owners, we inform customers – usually people they know-about products and services that can improve the quality of their lives. These conversations can take place at home, at work, in a cafeteria, really anywhere. Very often they occur by telephone, but increasingly the Internet. Can you have a highly profitable business online? I recommend you visit exidu. com / Rossignoli and evaluate the business opportunity more serious and profitable in the short term you can find online at this time. Take the opportunity to meet you, you lose nothing. Decide whether it is worthwhile or no! You can view it by pressing. Oscar Rossignoli is editor and chief-business image. com, a website developed to train media professionals in general to design and implement effective communication strategies in their capacity as directors, independent consultants, or from their positions as public relations, advertising, journalism, corporate communication directors and / or any other position that requires extensive and updated knowledge for effective performance and immediate positive results.

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04 Jun

Psychology In Business

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… For even more opinions, read materials from Simon Pagenaud. Businesses have many systems for heads experience success, but few for those below also savor the triumph. Everyone to experience success and get in their self-confidence is to create psychological capital is also reflected in the numbers Jonas Ridderstrale. Increasingly, organizations towards optimizing its operations, to achieve integrated team building towards the objectives, business goals, organizational behavior positive, which expresses an appropriate organizational climate to ensure productivity, have been worrying about know how to use, adequately address its human resource factor in business life. The firm’s human resource demand to be treated, provide adequate means for its performance and job satisfaction, successfully using creative and innovative potential of each person, motivational stimuli that lead to human capital is active, and shade the psychological capital in the company have. In this regard there is an interesting contribution Cristina Simon, dean of psychology at IE University, who notes that the psychological capital model is very recent, and therefore we can not yet make a fine adjustment on the measurement of each of its components or its ideal balance. Yes there are already tools for measuring psychological capital, and in this sense it should be noted the work being done by Fred Luthans in the Leadership Institute at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Lutherans is the father of the concept, which has resulted from applying the basic principles of what is called positive psychology, which is devoted to study human behavior from their strengths and positive factors “to the world of work and organizations in an interview Wharton University makes it, said that capital is defined as the set of goods that we use to grow or progress.

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