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20 Aug

Sitegeist Wins

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Online campaign ‘StyleTV’ for the HAPIMAG is world’s best contribution to the ‘Websites’ category / / Silver Award at the Film Festival ‘ golden city gate 2011 “at the ITB already for the tenth time the internationally renowned Film Festival held Golden City gate within the framework of the ITB Berlin international tourism film. The Oscar of tourism awards also awards for exemplary and innovative use of film in online media in the category Web sites for several years. This year, only a single post won the coveted trophy in the category websites: StyleTV produced for the HAPIMAG. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. StyleTV is a multi-tiered online dialog-marketing campaign with a video that is personalized for each user. And so it goes: email members get a link to a fictional TV reportage, in her own name appears several times. Over 80,000 Hapimag members learned in recent weeks by email, being the star of a TV fee. Who this surprise with Click on the reason went, noted that her own name as a mysterious insider in a lifestyle television show surfaced several times. In this fictional TV post, a team of reporters trying to figure out how this insider succeeds, to have a private domicile anywhere in the most beautiful places.

To do this they travel him criss -cross Europe behind, until he reveals his secret to them in Hornum finally. All Hapimag members of course already know the solution: invest together, individual use. Andreas m, head of marketing at Hapimag, explains: today’s technology allows you to personalize even films. An idea that resonates powerfully: The recommendation rate of this innovative campaign has exceeded all expectations. As soon as the own name in a movie appears, it is much more willing to forward this post to his friends. The Hamburg-based Internet Agency sitegeist realized as lead agency project StyleTV following areas:-idea + concept – design – idea + creation of fictitious Television station StyleTV – implementation of 3D-TV-Studios – thanks video personalization – programming – project management for the area Director, film, sound and editing sitegeist for the excellent work of the partner JOTZ! Film production in Hamburg. Andreas Manhart, head of marketing Hapimag, honoring: That silver received facing this probably unique in the tourism scene online campaign, is happy and we are extremely honoured. An additional confirmation for the innovative and successful video project! Here you can test styleTV simply even: campaign /.

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19 Aug

Physical Activity

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The maximum heart rate (FCmax) is a theoretical limit corresponding to the pulse maximum is reached in a stress test without compromising health. FCmax this varies with age and depends on the sex too. Have proposed various predictive equations FCmax of the most well-known expression proposed arbitrarily the 70s
But this is an equation with constraints, as was established from subjects with less than 55 years. There are currently other more reliable equations for predicting FCmax as:
or (find reference):
The resulting figure represents the maximum number of times the heart should beat per minute to make a physical effort but short very intense. When doing a dynamic exercise that produces the highest levels of oxygen demand is the stress test. To determine the range of heart rate effort (CFE) or heart rate submaxima (FCsubmax) should multiply the figure obtained in the above equations for 0.6 and 0.85. The data of FCsubmax, along with blood pressure, oxygen consumption and electrocardiographic changes, is used to detect cardiovascular changes that occur only with exercise.
Is considered to maintain for 30-45 minutes this frequency, corresponding to a character of aerobic physical activity, forcing the body to preferentially utilize fat as fuel. The construction of a physical activity with this FCsubmax at least three times a week, is a strategy that helps to maintain desirable body weight. Adam Sandler describes an additional similar source. How to control the intensity of exercise is very simple: the heart rate (HR) associated with age and sex of the individual.


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18 Aug

The New Cinema

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In this way if it intends to understand the existing crossing between social cinema and relations, in view of that such social representations are characterized by the existing exchanges between individual and society, being understood that seventh art can serve of palco to unchain it of such manifestations of exchange. 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF the BRAZILIAN NEW CINEMA Of the many concepts of cinema bred around of the world the Brazilian New Cinema was sobressaiu that was had in our country as ' ' the great annihilator of the cinema convencional' '. Differentiated of other cinematographic styles this new form of flmica construction cineastas made to grow in Brazil the interest of a composed group for young, a necessity to almost run away from the North American aesthetic standard and its characteristics that if came back, that solely for a type of commercial film. ' ' The New Cinema looked for, over all, a cultural independence for the Brazilian film. This did not mean to have only national subjects, but to find a cinema capable to translate the reality on the basis of national aesthetic authentically brasileira.' ' (FIGUEIRA, 2004, P. 31) the bankruptcy of the great cinematographic producers of So Paulo in middle of the decade of 1950 culminated with the sprouting of idealizers who bet in the cinema of social critical matrix. Completely inserted in the process of affirmation of the favored groups less, Glauber Rock and plus a series of cineastas and thinkers of the time the passions observed the cinematographic movement as being the liberator of all, and in its many speeches added: ' ' I continue closed with my position of a cinema third-mundista. An independent cinema of the economic and artistic point-of-sight, that does not leave the aesthetic creativity to disappear on behalf of a commercial objetividade and of a imediatismo poltico.' ' The citation of Glauber Rock summarizes the thought of the young cineastas of the time that had interest for productions of low budget directed toward the Brazilian reality.

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17 Aug

Fish! Let’s Jump Games!

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This is a new puzzle game with a wonderful submarine design that would make you feel like a professional diver! Although this free online game at first glance seems quite naive and even childish, is not so simple when it comes to strategy and operations. Free Game Fish! Let’s jump! is based on the principles of the game of ladies and of course have similar rules. Here you have the floor covered with sea animals representing the board and blue fish you must maneuver a fish jumping over another to remove the board. When only one fish is on the board, it means you have passed level. It is necessary that you click with your mouse on the fish and then in a particular place (a star of the sea) where you would like to move it.

The automatic gives insurrections creating circles around this good place, and sometimes there are several possible locations. The fish have to move the chess pieces represent or checkers. That’s why fish can move only a special way. When the player is just beginning this game online, sometimes it hard to understand how it is necessary to move the pieces and at first may think that Fish! Let’s jump! no sense or logic. Not so.

There is a special way of jumping fish may be moved vertically and horizontally, and never in the diagonal direction. Nor can jump over two or three stars of the sea. Your task will be to manage the fish to put them all together and remove the board and leaving no spaces between the remaining fish. Even if there are only two pieces on the board but are located too far one from another … the level is over because you have no other possibilities of jumps. Fish! Let’s jump! becomes easier when you realize the strategy of the game and learn to move the fish properly. Sink the marine world and enjoy its flora and fauna while you are discovering the challenges of this new puzzle game!

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14 Aug

Let The Apple Festival Start

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Christmas is the new exploits of Steve jobs on Wednesday, January 27th. Apple’s press conference starts at 19: 00 CET and all wait for the surprises of the Steve Jobs group is present. The spectacle can be followed live on the website of Mac world. At the top on the wishlist is a miracle thing with the name Apple tablet, iPad or magic slate. Translate the latter you could use magic table\”. But these are just wild speculation.

As wild as the surveys on the demand for a device that probably no one outside the company walls, Apple has seen. An analyst from RBC capital markets predicts possible sales of five million tablets in Apple Insider at a unit price of $ 600 in 12 months. George karfukel is likely to agree. According to a recent survey by network world, 52 percent of respondents up to US$ 700 for an Apple tablet would spend. 32 percent would pay up to $ 1,000, but only a negligible percentage would exceed this limit. A \”Survey of Mac world readers gives a similar picture: 43 percent 750 euro spending nearly a third even 1,000 euros\”, writes Mac world. What a brilliant marketing machine. The mumblings is customary before Apple introduces a new product.

It was so at the table computer iMac, with the music player iPhone iPod and mobile phone. \”Only one thing is undisputed that Apple a Conference Centre, the Yerba Buena Center fort he Arts in San Francisco for a few days late January has hired\”, so Gotz Hamann in a very clever analysis of the success principles of Apple and Steve Jobs. Early on, the Apple Manager on the digital lifestyle of the 21st century was set: with multimedia programs such as iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, and garage band. The approach by jobs and his disciples should be brute. After Apple’s corporate culture, developers long should think how they make something from the device itself up to the smallest control element in a software.

09 Aug

Fiction Novel Preface

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We are for sale by its owners, "FSBOs." We spent the time trying to sell ourselves and others what we are doing or what we believe. While knowledge is power, who are often victims of ignorance. Most of us are foreigners. Outside the narrow worlds that we occupy, we have only a superficial understanding of the way things really are. We did not consider how people become what they are. What we see is not all there. Look at yourself. Why are you so? Are you what others think? Or, are you more? Are you good or all bad? ALO doubt it! I think we are all products of the choices we made.

We can make new choices. We have knowledge with which we can make better decisions. It is my hope that you can enjoy a good read. In doing so, I pray you get some useful information, increased awareness of the elements inside information that may affect you, and pay attention to some of the warnings that have been integrated in this book. In FSBOs, evil gains entry when a housewife opens the door to strangers.

Each has a personal interest in the fund, derived from individual experience and choice. Visit some dark worlds that have never wanted to see, each owned or possessed by the character who has chosen to live there. Although fictional, the life of these do not exist. The stories are linked by many common situations, the people who came to sell or who they are or their homes by themselves. The Villans are ignorance, greed, power, lust, self-service and erroneous belief systems. It's easy to say that these things, we are all victims. Like it or not, we each own ourselves. Are often negatively affected by the consequences of our own poor decisions. Sometimes we are victims of ruthless choices of others. In general, there were warning signs that we ignored precipitate our tragedies. We went our own way, selling ourselves and others about what I wanted to believe, for sale by its owners, "FSBOs." Miles Russ Russ Miles is author of the novel, OFFER FOR ALL: PART. A "Seasoned Real Estate NAR Broker i," disabled by Multiple Sclerosis, Russ writes books and articles on various topics. FOR SALE BY OWNERS: FSBO ISBN 0-595-28703-4, paperback, is available by phone or Internet :1-800-Authors to order direct! Adobe e-book and hard cover editions also available at at Barnes and Noble and other booksellers well. Comments: Please visit Russ Miles's website features information and other information of interest.

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