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29 Jan

Mexican Cornejo

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Michelangelo is the Mexican Cornejo says: EL SER SER MEDIOCRE AND THE GREAT The mediocre love your bed like himself. The tired and mediocre lives is born to rest. The mediocre rest day so you can sleep at night. If you see someone lying mediocre, at once supports and assistance. The poor know that if the party is in conflict and the glasses to work, ready to leave the job.

For those who are mediocre work is sacred, so do not touch it. The mediocre evade duties and is always looking to make another's work. The mediocre mind that no one dies to rest. The mediocre always leave for tomorrow what you should do today. The poor are said to himself: "If work is health, working the sick." When the poor feel like work is looking for a quiet and wait patiently for those wishes will pass. Being excellent Instead greets the new day with a thousand projects to be undertaken. Being excellent knows that to enjoy the rest must finish the day without power drop. Being enjoys excellent night after a long day struggling to reach stars.

Being excellent challenges those around him to fight. Being excellent disclaims all that hinders their dreams. To be excellent work means the means to achieve everything you want. Being a good leader takes away jobs and always goes forward. Being excellent is aware that these are times that it will build and time in eternity to rest in peace. To be excellent the day is short, all you have done. To be excellent condition is the worst feeling helpless. Being excellent in their desires known is the scale of its achievements. Being good does all that the poor would not be able to run and is convinced that only through unconditional and generous delivery can improve the world, is the protagonist of change, is the social architect of his time, being good is of course a winner. Finally, estimated entrepreneur, there are many obstacles that must overcome if you want to specify your new venture, and "stepping outbreaks" are also an obstacle. But you will not disturb anything that may face the decision you are about to take. I can only tell you to watch the movie need to go to the movies, from the outside can not see. To win the game you must be part of the team from the stands will be just a spectator. Not what your project or venture but if you got you this opportunity has not been for anything, even by accident. Things come when it should be, ever. To say goodbye to you I leave one short paragraph of the book that I picked up the seven laws, and reads: Uncertainty, on the other hand, is the fertile ground of pure creativity and freedom. Uncertainty is thinking about the unknown in every moment of our existence. The unknown is the field of all possibilities, always fresh, always new, always open to creation of new manifestations. Without the uncertainty and without the unknown, life is only a repetition of memories spent vile. Come with faith and enthusiasm. Good luck.

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